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Custom settings such as listing templates, inventory management labels, and default fields make cross-listing with Vendoo fast and simple!

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Personalize your Vendoo experience with custom settings and preferences.

With Vendoo, you can establish custom settings and defaults to increase efficiency and productivity.

Stale Listing Indicator

First, be sure to check out the stale listing warning. Here, you set your preferences for reminder warnings when your listings are “stale.” A listing is stale when it has not been listed or re-listed in x amount of days.


You define “stale.” You can set the warning banner to appear when 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 days have elapsed. At that time, a bright yellow banner will appear on the stale listings, reminding you to refresh and relist for faster sales. Learn more about the stale listing indicator here.

Custom Vendoo Labels

Vendoo labels enhance your inventory management experience. With custom labels, you can create and assign custom color-coded labels to your inventory for organizational purposes.


Vendoo users use custom labels in all sorts of creative ways.

For examples: to indicate place of purchase, an item style or characteristic, consignment clients, and more!

You can filter your inventory by color-coded custom labels, and they also appear on your csv inventory download.

Learn more about how to use Vendoo custom labels here.

Listing Templates

Custom listing templates make the listing experience super fast! In your account settings, you can create listing templates that are unique to some of the types of items that you commonly sell.


In your listing templates, you can enter standard listing language in your description, and preselect category, weight, and other parts of your listings that are consistent based on the type of item. These save so much time making listing even faster!

Learn more about how to use Vendoo listing templates here.

Default Selections

You’ll also notice that many fields on the Vendoo form and the Marketplaces forms have the option to save your preferences as defaults. Wherever you see the “save as default” logo, you can establish custom preferences for faster listing!


We are always releasing new features and settings to help customize the user experience and make your processes simple and faster! Stay tuned for more features coming soon!

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