Automatic Spreadsheets and Book-keeping for Resellers!

Vendoo provides inventory management, reseller inventory spreadsheets, and reseller book-keeping. Reseller taxes are simple with Vendoo!

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Download Your Inventory & Sales Report CSV

With Vendoo, you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and tedious book-keeping methods. You can easily download all of the information stored in Vendoo in a CSV.

There are two ways to access the CSV export tool. You can find it under the blue “multi-action” button on the top right-hand side of your main Vendoo account screen, or you can find it under the settings menu.

In your account settings, you can select a custom date range for your csv information, or select all inventory.

You can also customize your headings, and determine exactly what information you would like to appear on your csv spreadsheet.


This spreadsheet becomes an inventory report and a sales report, customized to your preferences (or your accountants). It is available for instant download any time.

This information is logged as you use Vendoo. Vendoo centralizes your inventory information in one place. Book-keeping and tax time just got much easier!

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