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Learn about Vendoo's profit and revenue tracking, reseller inventory management, and book-keeping for resellers.

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Reseller Book-Keeping: Tracking Your Revenue and Profit

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and pricey book-keeping softwares: Vendoo is your new profit-and-revenue tracking tool for reseller book-keeping.

Once you mark an item as sold, Vendoo instantly calculates your profit and revenue based on the information you provide:

Vendoo uses your cost of goods (COG), sale price, marketplace fees, and shipping fees to instantly calculate your profit and revenue.


Reseller book-keeping just got a lot easier! This information is all downloaded in your CSV Inventory report, ready to customize and download! Learn how to access your custom inventory and sales report spreadsheet here.

Plus, Vendoo uses this information to provide you with powerful business analytics.

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