Multi-Quantity listing features are coming soon to Vendoo.

In the meantime, here is how you can use Vendoo with your listings in multiple quantities.

Above, Erynn describes two different ways to handle multi-quantity items in Vendoo.

Method 1:

First, is for items of a lesser quantity (2-10). With these listings, Erynn suggests using Vendoo's copy feature to create copies of each listing to account for the total quantity. (Note: using the copy feature to create a listing counts toward your listing total).

Then, you can list each of the copies to multiple marketplaces (more listings=more exposure). Upon sale, you will simply mark one of the listings as sold.

Method 2:

The second method is for items of greater quantity (10+). Under this method, you would not want to create a large number of copies, or have a large number of identical active listings. Instead, you will create one listing in Vendoo. Then, you will edit your live listing on the marketplace(s) to provide the quantity you have available.

Upon sale, you will then create a copy of the listing. You will mark this item as listed, by pasting the URL to the sold listing. Then, your analytics and csv sales report will be accurate.

Whichever method you choose will require some organization on your end. I recommend using Vendoo's custom labels to "tag" your multi-quantity listings, and using the SKU field or the hidden notes field to take note of your quantity.

Our team is working hard to create more solutions for multi-quantity sellers!

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