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How to Import Your Listing Drafts from SellHound
How to Import Your Listing Drafts from SellHound

Learn how to import drafted listings into Vendoo from SellHound. Then, you can crosslist with Vendoo!

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Vendoo has teamed up with SellHound to provide users with the ability to retrieve your SellHound listings.

Did you know that SellHound offers a listing service providing SEO-optimized listings for eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari? Now, Vendoo users can upload their listing drafts prepared by SellHound, so you can cross-list them everywhere!

Here is how to connect to your SellHound account and retrieve your SellHound listings:

Vendoo has also integrated SellHound's Reseller Price Checker to assist with pricing and "comp" research!

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