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How to Sort and Filter Inventory
How to Sort and Filter Inventory
Manage your inventory with sorting and filtering by marketplace, status, date, recency, SKU, title, price, custom label, and more.
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How to Sort and Filter Inventory

The inventory page contains multiple ways to sort and filter your items. You can use the Search bar at the top left to search your items by keyword or SKU number.

You can also sort your items by marketplace by clicking the icons of each selling platform. For example, clicking the Poshmark icon will show you the items in your inventory that are currently listed on Poshmark.

The Vendoo labels bar refers to the custom labeling system that you can create in Vendoo and assign to your items. Vendoo allows you to create up to 50 color-coordinated labels of your choice to categorize and attach to your items. You can assign up to 10 labels for each item.

The last way to filter items is by using the dropdown list below “SOLD” on the right of the screen. This list contains the following sorting options:

Keep in mind that all the sort and filter options can be used together to narrow down the items more accurately. For example, you can select only Active items, actively listed on Poshmark, and in Alphabetical order.

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