How to Save Fields as Defaults

How to list faster with Vendoo by customizing your default settings and preferences.

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Vendoo helps resellers save time when listing new inventory and cross-listing those items to multiple platforms. Some fields are repetitive and you can save even more time by setting these fields up with a default answer so you don’t ever have to fill them out again.

Saving fields as default makes listing even faster!

Once an item is in your inventory, you can click on any of the platforms listed on the left side of your screen to cross-list that item.

On the right side of the screen, you will see a list of fields that need to be filled out. Many will already be filled in for you because the data is copied and pasted from your Vendoo Details form. Any fields that are unique to that platform, however, will need to be filled in. Some of these fields you might want to save your answers on, so you don’t have to fill them in each time.

Every time you see a blue “save” icon above a field, that field is able to be saved with a default value. In the example image below, you can save your shipping information for Grailed. Once you enter information into the field, simply click on the blue icon to save your data.

Viewing And Editing Saved Fields

You can easily identify any fields with saved information in them because they will have a green checkmark above them. In the example below, the zip code field has been saved as a default and a green checkmark is displayed above the field.

You can change your default information at any time by simply changing the text in the field. Your green checkmark is automatically changed back to the blue icon, allowing you to save the field with the new default answer.

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