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List Faster with Vendoo!
List Faster with Vendoo!
Vendoo offers the fastest cross-listing for resellers. With listing templates, default fields, and the Vendoo form, you can list in seconds!
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How to Create a Listing in Vendoo

Vendoo offers the fastest listing and cross-listing, with a simple two-step process:

Step 1: Execute the Vendoo Form. After, you can quickly list your items on multiple platforms in just seconds!

The Vendoo form is designed to record almost all of the information that is required on all of the marketplaces. When you fill it out entirely, the information will be transferred over to your platform tabs, making the fastest listing and cross-listing experience.

To create a listing, click on the plus sign and a new listing will open. Here, you can complete the Vendoo form.

The Vendoo form is a basic listing form, with a place for:

Uploading up to 16 images:


Item details: Title, description, brand, condition, colors, SKU, tags, etc.


The Category of your item & Shipping Information Including weight and dimensions of your package.


The price and your cost of goods, as well as any additional private details to help organize your inventory with Vendoo.


Many fields on the listing forms have β€œsave as default” options to save even more time listing!


Plus, you can create custom listing templates for even faster listing!

Step 2: Once the Vendoo form is complete, cross-listing is super fast! Click below to the platform(s) where you would like to list. There, you will only need to enter a few marketplace-specific details, and list away!

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