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Superior Inventory Management for Multi-Platform Sellers
Superior Inventory Management for Multi-Platform Sellers
Manage your reseller inventory with Vendoo! Full inventory management, organization, and tools for multi-platform e-commerce resellers.
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Vendoo offers superior inventory management, designed for multi-platform sellers!

You can view your items, status, and essential information about your inventory from the Inventory Page.

Your inventory is divided into three columns based on their drafted, listed, or sold status.


Here, you can click each marketplace icon to take you directly to the live listing! Notice listings with custom labels and notes appear with reminder icons.

You can search, sort, and filter your inventory in many ways, including by status, title, SKU, price, alphabetically, platform(s) listed, platforms not listed, date created, date modified, stalest, and even by custom labels that you assign to items!


To learn more about assigning color-coded custom labels to your items, click here.

Managing your inventory just got so much easier! It is easy to find your items, and Vendoo keeps track of what is listed and where!

The best part is, you no longer need to keep an inventory spreadsheet; Vendoo does this for you! Download your full inventory report CSV (editable spreadsheet) at any time. You can customize the spreadsheet to the timeframe and headings that you would like to appear. This information is helpful for inventory management and tax purposes. All of the information recorded in Vendoo can be exported on your CSV. Learn more about how to download your custom inventory report and sales report here.

See how one user manages her inventory with Vendoo in this video.

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