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Get Started With Vendoo: Create an Account & Connect Your Marketplaces
Get Started With Vendoo: Create an Account & Connect Your Marketplaces
How to Sign Up for Vendoo, Vendoo Free Trial, Create a Vendoo Account, and Start Cross-Listing with Vendoo
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If you recently got started or are looking to start using Vendoo, this article will help you create and set up your account.

If you have already created a Vendoo account, you might want to skip this step and jump right into step 2 of this article.

Step 1 - Creating a Vendoo account:

Head over to this link to register for a free Vendoo account. Fill out the information requested in the form (name, last name, email, and password).

Step 2 - Installing the Chrome extension

  1. Download Vendoo’s Chrome extension by clicking on the “Install Extension” button.

  1. This button will take you to our Chrome Web Store. Once you’re there, just click on the “Add to Chrome” button, which you can see below.

  1. Confirm by clicking on “Add Extension” and that’s it!

To make sure your extension was installed correctly, go back to your Vendoo page, which will confirm whether your extension was installed or not (just like it is shown below).

Step 3 - Connecting your marketplaces

  1. Find the marketplace(s) that you’d like to connect to your Vendoo account (you can either choose to connect one of your accounts or all of them).

  2. Click on the pink “connect” button. For eBay and Etsy, you will be guided through the steps to connect this new marketplace, which will require your login credentials. For the other marketplaces, you will need to log into your account in a new tab.

Note: If you’re already logged into your marketplace accounts, Vendoo will automatically connect to them if you allow it.

Step 4 - Getting Started

Once you finish connecting your marketplaces, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the “Get Started” button.

At this point, you can either create your first listing on Vendoo’s inventory page, or manage your Vendoo subscription in the Settings page.

Keep in mind that when you register for a Vendoo account, you will be on a free plan with the option to create up to 5 items per month. If you want to upgrade, you can do so in the subscription’s page.

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