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Get Started With Vendoo: Create an Account, Download the Extension, & Connect Your Marketplaces
Get Started With Vendoo: Create an Account, Download the Extension, & Connect Your Marketplaces

Get Started with Vendoo! Create an account, sign up for the free trial, download the Chrome Extension and app, & connect your marketplaces!

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Welcome to Vendoo! A Seller's Best Friend!

This article will help you get started using Vendoo in three simple steps:

✅ Sign up for Vendoo

✅ Download the Chrome Extension & Mobile App

✅ Connect Your Marketplaces

Step 1: Create a Vendoo Account:

Head over to this link to register for a free Vendoo account.

When you register for a Vendoo account, you will be on a free plan with 5 items per month. To upgrade, visit the subscription page.

Step 2: Install the Vendoo Chrome Extension

If you need to download Vendoo’s Chrome extension, or the newest available extension, you just need to follow these simple steps:

a) Head over to your Vendoo account Settings page or to our Chrome Web Store.

b) Click on “Install Extension” or “Add to Chrome” just like it is shown below.

Confirm by clicking “Add Extension”

That's it! To confirm installation, to to yout Vendoo Account Settings page. You should see “Vendoo Extension Installed”.

📲 Don't forget to download the Vendoo mobile app available on Apple IOS and Android.

Step 3: Connect your Marketplaces

On the Marketplace Connections Screen in your Account Settings, you can connect your marketplaces.

Under the marketplace(s), click connect. If your computer is not already logged in to the marketplace, Vendoo will prompt you to sign in.

Note: If you’re already logged into your marketplace accounts, Vendoo will automatically connect to them.

📲 To connect your marketplaces on the mobile app, go to Settings > Marketplaces.

Step 4: Getting Started

Now, you're ready to explore Vendoo!

We've created a folder of some great articles to help you get started and explore Vendoo's tools and features!

👉🏽 Your next steps are to import your listings and get started crosslisting with Vendoo!

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