1. Begin by importing your items from only one of your marketplaces like you normally would. Ideally, you would want to import from your primary marketplace. For more information about importing, click here.

Note: you will only import your items from one marketplace.

  1. After importing your items, locate an item that is already listed on multiple marketplaces.

  2. You are now able to manually change the listing status of this item to “listed” on any of the marketplaces that you have this item already listed onto. You will then paste the URL to the active listing.

For example, in the image below, this item has been imported from Poshmark but it’s also listed on eBay, so we want to mark it as Listed on eBay too.

From the eBay drop down menu next to the marketplace, you can select “mark as listed.”

3. Once you have selected, “mark as listed,” you are able to copy and paste the eBay listing url of the item onto Vendoo.

4. After copy and pasting the listing url onto Vendoo, you will then see that your item on Vendoo is now linked to the correct listing in your eBay closet. This will allow you to view the item as “listed” on Vendoo.

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