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Vendoo’s Stale Inventory System
Vendoo’s Stale Inventory System

With Vendoo's stale listing warnings, you can opt into reminders to alert you when it is time to relist your old inventory and make sales!

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Vendoo’s Stale Inventory System will notify you whenever your items have been listed for a certain period of time- but have not sold.

When you turn on stale listing warnings, Vendoo will remind you to relist your stale items to increase your chances of sales:

Here is how the stale listing warning system works:

Here is the step-by-step:

To turn on the stale listing warning indicator, visit your account settings:

Here, you can opt in to stale listing warnings, and select how many days to elapse after listing before the yellow banner is displayed:

Then, on your inventory page, your stale items will have a yellow tab with a clock icon.

When hovering over the yellow banners, Vendoo will display the number of days the item has been listed on the marketplace.

The yellow banner will disappear once you delist/relist on the stale marketplaces!

With the Stale Listing System, you will always know when to relist your items!

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