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How to Import and Create Multi-Quantity Listings
How to Import and Create Multi-Quantity Listings
Learn how to import and create Multi-Quantity listings on Vendoo!
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Certain marketplaces allow you to create Multi-Quantity listings on their platforms and you can now import those items and keep track of the quantities directly on Vendoo.

First, to import your Multi-Quantity listings into your Vendoo inventory, you simply select the item you wish to import from the Importing Page in the same way you would if you were importing your items normally.

Once you have imported your Multi-Quantity listing into Vendoo, it will display on your inventory page with the amount of quantities you have for that item on the marketplace in which you imported it from.

Now you can cross-list this item either as a Multi-Quantity or as a single listing onto any of the available marketplaces on Vendoo.

Second, to create a Multi-Quantity listing directly on Vendoo, you will start off by following the same steps as if you were to create a brand new item. Then, on the Vendoo Form you will make sure to add the amount of quantities you have for your item on the Quantity field. This field will then be transferred over onto all of the marketplaces forms that handle Multi-Quantities.

When it comes to cross-listing Multi-Quantities, it is important to note that some marketplaces do not support multi quantities.

For these marketplaces such as Tradesy, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and Kidizen, Vendoo automatically defaults the Quantity field to just "1" quantity.

Therefore, you can confidently cross-list items through Vendoo, and your Multi-Quantities will be properly listed on those marketplaces that support Multi-Quantities.

Click here to learn about how to mark your multi quantity items as "sold" on the Vendoo.

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