How Do I Handle Returns in Vendoo?

What If an Item Is Returned?

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How to Handle Returns in Vendoo

If an item is returned, you can quickly relist it with Vendoo:

First, locate the item in your sold inventory, click the three dots beside it, and make a copy of the item:

Note: Creating a copy is creating a new listing and will be reflected on your item counter.

Then, locate the copy in your drafts, and quickly relist the item on each of the marketplaces with just a few clicks!

Don't forget to delete the sold item so it is no longer reflected in your inventory, sold analytics, or csv spreadsheet.

Note: This is also what to do when you mark an item as sold on the wrong platform.

Returns for Multi-Quantity Items:

If a multi-quantity item is returned, you will want to adjust the quantity on both the Vendoo form and any marketplace(s) where the multi-quantity item is listed.

To learn more about multi-quantity, click here.

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