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How To List on Vestiaire Collective
How To List on Vestiaire Collective

Everything you need to know about how to sell on Vestiaire Collective with Vendoo

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Vestiaire Collective is the leading global marketplace for designer and luxury pre-loved fashion. Vestiaire is a unique marketplace and some of the requirements on the listing form are unique as well.

This article will teach you how to navigate the Vestiaire listing form in Vendoo.

💡Tip: Vestiaire Collective reviews all listings prior to publishing, so you will want to make sure you enter information correctly for your listing to be approved.

First, you will confirm the category, subcategory, and brand of the item.

This appears at the top of the form because the rest of the form is dependent upon these selections.

Next, you will enter the category details for your item.

Note that the fields with red asterisks are required*

Next, you will read the photograph requirements and make sure that your photos are in the required order by Vestiaire Collective.

The prompts on the form will tell you which photographs are required based on your item, and the required order. This is very important; if your photos do not meet the requirements, your listings will be declined by Vestiaire Collective.

You can add additional images beyond those required (and you will want to, especially if your item has any imperfections). Just make sure those images are after the required order.

💡Tip: Vestiaire Collective does not allow stock photos. They will not publish any listing with photographs from the internet.

Once you are sure that your photos meet the requirements, check off the box.

Next is the condition box. Select the appropriate condition of your item:

Vestiaire Collective has some unique condition requirements. Unlike the other marketplaces where you are the discretionary judge of condition, Vestiaire has a grading process to determine the condition of your item.

Note: Vestiaire does not allow for the sale of items that are NWT (new with tags) but display any signs of wear. They also reject any item with several flaws. Learn more here.

💡Tip: If your item is Vintage, don't forget to check off the vintage box. Vestiaire defines vintage as any item that is at least 15 years old.

Next, Provide Additional Details

For the remainder of the form, you will simply follow the prompts.

The proof of origin field is a notable field where you must upload either your proof of purchase, authenticity certificate, or a photo of the serial number on the item.

Note that this photo will NOT appear on your listing; this is used for Vestiaire to determine authenticity. You do not want to edit personal information off of your receipt, for example.

💡Tip: You cannot edit your listing once it is published, so be sure to double-check your listing information.

That's It! Your listing will be sent to Vestiaire Collective!

💡Tip: Be sure to check your email. You will be notified when your listing is approved.

If for some reason it was not approved, they will email you with an explanation. The approval process can take up to 48 hours.

To learn more about Vestiaire Collective, including accepted designers, listing requirements, authenticity, fees, shipping, and more, check out the blog Everything You Need to Know About Vestiaire Collective.

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