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A Full Vendoo Tutorial
A Full Vendoo Tutorial

Click here to watch a full tutorial about how Vendoo works and the core features

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Welcome to Vendoo: A Seller's Best Friend

In this full Vendoo demonstration, you can explore all of the Vendoo core features. Our Product Specialist will walk you through creating an account and show you everything that Vendoo can do for you!

Watch as she lists to ten marketplaces in under five minutes with Vendoo! πŸš€

Feel free to watch start to end, or to browse various features with the timestamps below.

Time Stamps:

00:57 Getting started: Download Extension & Connect Marketplaces

01:36 Downloading the Vendoo Chrome Extension

02:03 Marketplace Connections

02:50 Importing & Crosslisting after Import

04:58 Creating New Listings From Vendoo

10:54 Crosslisting vs. Importing

12:21 Custom Listing Templates

14:23 Managing Drafts & Unlisted Items

16:14 Searching, Sorting & Filters

18:03 Vendoo Custom Labels

20:00 Downloading a CSV Inventory Report

21:19 Bulk Delist/Relist

25:05 Sale Detection & Auto Delist

27:41 How to Mark Items as Sold

29:00 Sales on Non-Integrated Marketplaces

29:50 Analytics and Sales Data

32:40 Customer Support & Resources

32:50 Live Support & The Help Center

34:55 The Vendoo Community

Want to watch a live tutorial and ask questions? Join us on Wednesday evenings for our weekly call with a Product expert. RSVP here. See you there!

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