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Vendoo's Analytics Provide Powerful Business Insights
Vendoo's Analytics Provide Powerful Business Insights
Check out Vendoo's Reseller Analytics and custom data for profit, revenue, your top-selling brands and categories, and more!
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Powerful Reseller Analytics

Vendoo provides powerful business analytics with user-friendly graphs and charts to show you your revenue, profit, volume, and top-selling brands and categories across all reselling marketplaces.

You can filter your analytics by date range including day, week, month, quarter, year, or any custom time frame.

You will see your total revenue and profit for the date selected, in addition to a summary of sold items, listed items, and average sale price (ASP) with a comparison to the prior period.


Vendoo also breaks down your revenue and profit and average sale price (ASP) by marketplace. Note that the colors are the colors of the logos of each marketplace!


In addition, Vendoo calculates your top-selling categories, sub-categories, and brands. You can hover over every field to see a more detailed breakdown!


Vendoo analytics are not only super interesting, but also help you to easily determine where you are making the most money, what you are selling the most of, and help you to establish goals and implement strategies to scale and grow your reselling business.

Be sure to enter all sold details correctly for accurate analytics. Learn more here.

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