The Vendoo labels bar refers to the custom labeling system that you can create in Vendoo and assign to your items.

These labels are a great way to make your inventory management more detailed and personal.

Think of Vendoo Custom Labels like "color coded stickers" that you can virtually apply to your inventory to help organize it!

You can access the Label Manager on your Vendoo Settings page, and it will allow you to create color-coordinated labels of your choice to categorize and attach to your items. You can assign multiple labels for each item!

Vendoo users use labels for all sorts of things such as place sourced, category, consignment clients, and more!

The Vendoo labels can also be used to filter items on your inventory page. When you click the Vendoo Labels bar, all of the labels that you have created will appear in a drop-down list.

To learn more about inventory management with Vendoo, click here.

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