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How to Create Etsy Shipping Profiles
How to Create Etsy Shipping Profiles
Create Etsy Shipping Profiles, then sync with Vendoo for fast and simple crosslisting to Etsy.
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Vendoo supports both flat rate and calculated shipping profiles.

In order to list your items on Etsy with Vendoo, you'll want to create shipping profiles directly in your Etsy Shop Manager.

How to Create Shipping Profiles on Etsy

First, go to your Etsy account and click on Shop Manager

Then, on the left side of the page, select Settings > Shipping Settings.

From here, Select + Create Profile to create and save shipping profiles.

Flat rate shipping profiles allow you to charge a fixed rate for shipping.

Calculated shipping profiles will be calculated based on the buyer's zip code.

Once you have created shipping profiles, return to Vendoo.

Under the “Marketplace Connections” tab, you will be able to click on the “Reconnect” button for Etsy.

That's it! Reconnecting your account will update Vendoo with your changes from Etsy.

Now, Vendoo will be able to import your shipping profiles and you can use them to list items on Etsy!

You can select your most used shipping profile as a default for faster listing!

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