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How to Use Etsy Shipping Profiles and Return Policies in Vendoo
How to Use Etsy Shipping Profiles and Return Policies in Vendoo

Create Etsy Shipping Profiles and Return Policies, then sync with Vendoo for fast and simple crosslisting to Etsy.

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Etsy shipping profiles and return policies make listing to Etsy quick and simple!

Etsy allows sellers to create profiles and policies for shipping and returns. You can create multiple policies that encompass your preferences, and apply them to each listing.

Once you create Etsy business profiles and policies, they are available for use in Vendoo!

If you do not yet have shipping profiles or return policies, you can establish them in your Etsy Shop Manager.

How to Create Shipping Profiles on Etsy

On Etsy, visit your Etsy Shop Manager page and select Settings > Shipping Settings.

From there, you will learn how to create personalized profiles for shipping. You can create multiple profiles: all of them will be available to you to apply to your listings.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Etsy international shipping is available in your Etsy shipping profiles.

Etsy will walk you through all of your choices in settings for each profile.

πŸ’‘Tip: Name your profiles carefully so it is very clear to you when you select them for each listing. The title of your profile will appear right in Vendoo.

Once you have your profiles established, reconnect your Etsy account to Vendoo and your policies will be available.

You can even set defaults on your most commonly-used policies!

This process is the same for your Etsy return policies. You can create shop policies for returns and exchanges, and they will be available in Vendoo as well!

To learn more about Etsy, check out our Reseller Resources.

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