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How to Opt Into eBay’s Business Policies
How to Opt Into eBay’s Business Policies
Your eBay business policies sync with Vendoo. Use your eBay shipping policies, return policies, and eBay payment policies when you list!
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eBay business policies make listing to eBay quick and simple!

When listing from Vendoo, you will have to select your shipping options (payment, shipping and return). However, eBay offers business policies that are compatible with Vendoo, so you can list your items faster!

eBay’s business policies are a great way to save time when listing as well as to include special features such as global shipping from Vendoo.

So, how to opt into eBay’s business policies? Let’s start by accessing the eBay listing form.

You will find this warning on the listing form as well as the direct link to an article on eBay’s site where they explain how to opt in. Go to this article and click on “business policies” to proceed:

You will now land on an eBay page that will look like this. Click on “Get Started” from here:

All set! You have now opted to eBay’s business policies. All that is left is to create your unique and personalized policies for shipping, payment and return. You can do so by clicking on “Create Policy”. Find even more details on how to edit your eBay business policies here on our YouTube channel.

Tip: Make sure to give your policies a self explanatory name as that will come in handy when selecting them from Vendoo!

Once you have your policies ready to go, make sure to reconnect your eBay account on Vendoo so that all of your changes are updated. This is how it looks after successfully opting to eBay’s business policies:

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