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How do I connect Vendoo to multiple accounts on the same marketplace?
How do I connect Vendoo to multiple accounts on the same marketplace?

Here's what to do if you have more than one account on the same marketplace.

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How to Connect a Second Account on the Same Marketplace

Vendoo is currently designed to connect to a singular account per marketplace. However, we allow you to switch your connected account easily. Here’s how:

Remember: Vendoo automatically connects to the account that your browser is logged in to.

  1. To switch between accounts, you can start by disconnecting your first account on the Marketplace Connections Screen.

2. Once your account has been disconnected, go to the marketplace website and log out of your first account.

3. Then, log into your second account on their site. Back on the Marketplace Connection page, you can connect Vendoo to your second account.

All set! You have successfully switched your connected account.

💡 Tip: Remember, that you will be working in the account you are currently connected to. Make sure before you import, list, cross-list, delist/relist, or mark as sold, that you are connected to the correct account. If you have sale detection and automatic delist turned on, it will detect sales from the account marketplace you are currently connected to. Similarly, items sold elsewhere will delist from the account you are connected to.

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