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How to Connect a Second Account on the Same Marketplace
How to Connect a Second Account on the Same Marketplace
Here's what to do if you have more than one account on the same marketplace.
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How To Connect A Second Account on the Same Marketplace

Vendoo is currently designed to connect to a singular account per marketplace. However, we allow you to easily switch your connected account. Here’s how:

Vendoo automatically connects to the account you are logged into in a different tab on your browser. Keep in mind that most marketplaces require the Vendoo extension to be installed on your browser.

To switch between accounts, you can start by disconnecting your first account.

Let’s try this on eBay, for instance:

Once your account has been disconnected, you can go to (or the specific marketplace site) and log out of this first account:

Then, just log into your second account on their site. Now Vendoo will connect to this second account by using the “Connect” button:

All set! You have successfully switched your connected account.

Remember, that you will be working in the account you are currently connected to. Make sure before you import, list, cross-list, delist/relist, or mark as sold, that you are connected to the correct account.

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