The Vendoo Add-Ons are Importing, Delist/Relist, and "All Marketplaces."

Importing allows you to bring your existing items onto Vendoo from one of the marketplaces, so that you can easily crosspost them to the other sites.

The Bulk Delist/Relist feature is a way to remove a listing from a marketplace and then post it as a new listing. In addition to refreshing old inventory, this feature also allows you to automatically delist sold items.

The All Marketplaces add-on allows you to list your item on all available marketplaces on Vendoo. Without this add-on, you can only list an item to up to three marketplaces.

To Learn More About Each Add-On and How to Use Them, Check Out the Article Vendoo's Add-Ons and How to Use Them.

Note: new and annual plans might include access to these add-ons. Others, require that they are added on to your monthly plan. To learn about how to change your subscription, click here.

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