YES. Security is very important to us and we’ve made several security-related decisions during the process of developing this software.

Vendoo is running on a Google secured cloud platform called Firebase. This gives us a Google level protection from hackers or anyone looking to access our data. We also never store any login information from any of your marketplaces (eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, or Mercari).

For eBay and Etsy, we store an access token (that is given to us when you allow Vendoo permission to post on your behalf), but this access token can be revoked by you at any time. The token only grants us access to post and nothing else. This access token is given to us by eBay and Etsy, so it is a very secure way for us to post on your behalf.

As for Poshmark and Mercari, we don’t store any login information. We have a Google Chrome extension that simply opens a new tab for you on Poshmark or Mercari and “copy and pastes” the item details you want to post. If you are not logged in to an account at the time or leave our website, we are not able to post for you.

The only data we store is the items you create on Vendoo, (specifically the items details such as title, description, and photos). This informations is on a Google database and is protected using several methods of encryption and protection.

You can use Vendoo with confidence. Your safety and security is a top priority for us.

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