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Can I use different photos on different marketplaces?
Can I use different photos on different marketplaces?

With the Photo Manager tool, You can customize the listing images you use for each marketplace.

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With Vendoo’s Photo Manager Tool, you can select different product images for different platforms.

This is a game-changer, allowing users to upload images directly to marketplace forms. Check out how it works:

This means that when you use Vendoo’s bulk delist and relist feature, Vendoo will preserve the images by marketplace, and your new listings will reflect your individualized photos and order per marketplace.

Here is the step by step:

First, you can upload images to the Vendoo form that you would like to appear on all platforms.

Next, you can select any Marketplace form to add additional photos that you would like to appear only on that marketplace. Here is an example:

On some platforms, you might want to use stock photos to showcase your items. You can add these images directly to the marketplace form:

Similarly, on marketplaces that strictly disallow stock images, you might consider different images to showcase your items, such as modeled photos:

On marketplaces that do not allow many images, you might consider using collages to show more photos:

With the new Photo Manager Tool, your listings images are customizable to best showcase your products in consideration of the marketplace.

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