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How to Handle your Sold Multi-Quantity Items
How to Handle your Sold Multi-Quantity Items
Learn how to mark your multi-quantity items as sold, and how to handle multi-quantity sales in Vendoo.
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There are a few differences in marking your items as "sold" when you have multi quantities listed on a marketplace.

Here is a video on how to mark as sold your multi-quantity items on Vendoo:

First, if you sell an item that contains multiple quantities you want to mark it as "sold" in the same way you would with a single quantity item.

You can use the drop-down status menu next to the marketplace that you sold the item on:

Then, on the Sold Details form you will notice two new fields at the bottom of the form.

The first field is the Quantity Sold field. This is where you can input how many quantities you have sold. In the example above, one quantity was sold out of a total of 4 quantities.

The second portion allows you to manage the remaining quantities on each marketplace. In the same example depicted above, the number of quantities will reduce by one on Depop and eBay. This is because both of those marketplaces are compatible with multi quantities. In contrast, Mercari and Facebook are marketplaces that are not compatible with MQ. Therefore, your listing will remain untouched and still active for sale on those platforms.

Vendoo will keep track of all your quantities and delist your items on all marketplaces once they have all sold.

Another difference with MQ items is when an item is sold on a marketplace that is not compatible with multi quantities.

For example, if a multi-quantity item is sold on Mercari, then you would mark it as "sold" on Vendoo the same exact way using the status drop-down menu. However, on the Sold Details form you will then notice that after marking the item as "sold," it will delist the item from Mercari due to only having one listing.

In this case, you are able to immediately relist the item back onto Mercari since there are still remaining quantities of this item that are available for sale. You can choose to have Vendoo relist this item automatically by clicking on the "relist item on Mercari" check box.

Now you are able to mark your items as "sold" on Vendoo when having multi quantities and be in full control of all of your quantities on every marketplace.

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