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Managing Sales with Vendoo
Sale Detection & Auto Delist
Sale Detection & Auto Delist

Learn how to use sale detection and automatic delist on Vendoo.

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Vendoo detects your sales and automatically delists your items from the remaining marketplaces as they sell!

How to Use Sale Detection & Automatic Delist with Vendoo:

  1. First, in the Marketplace Connection Screen, toggle “on” sale detection on the marketplaces where you would like Vendoo to detect sales:

Note that this feature is in BETA, for now. Currently, automatic sale detection is available for eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop, and Whantnot. More marketplaces are coming soon!

2. That’s it! As you make sales, Vendoo will automatically change the listing status to “sold” and delist the item(s) from any remaining marketplaces.

You will be notified with the blue notification dot on your sold tab when Vendoo detects a sale(s).

In your sales detection dashboard, you will see any sales that have been detected and automatically delisted by Vendoo.

Vendoo detected that these jeans were sold on Poshmark, and automatically delisted them from the other seven marketplaces where they were listed for sale.

This item appears with a yellow warning symbol as it is pending sales details. Be sure to update your sales details for your inventory spreadsheets and analytics!

Sale Detection & Auto Delist FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about the new sale detection and automatic delist feature in BETA:

  1. How do I know that I made a sale?

    Once Vendoo detects a sale, you’ll see a blue notification dot on your Sold tab.

    Click here to open your sales detection dashboard and see your sale(s)!

  2. Will Vendoo delist my items automatically?

    Yes! Once you turn on sale detection, Vendoo will delist your items from the remaining marketplaces as they sell!

    Note that sale detection is enabled for eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, and Depop during BETA.

  3. Where do I enter sales details?

    Your recently-sold items detected by Vendoo will appear on your sale detection dashboard at the top of your sold tab on the inventory screen.

    Here, you see the yellow symbol warning you that you are missing sales details. You can click “Add Sales Details” to add them.

    Sales will appear in the sales detection dashboard until you add sale details or you clear all detected sales.

  4. Does my computer have to be turned on for sale detection and auto delist to work?

    Yes! Your computer must be turned on and connected to the marketplaces for sale detection and automatic delist to work correctly. Every ten minutes, Vendoo will “scan” your connected marketplaces for sales. You will want to disable sleep mode for best results.

    Alternatively, once you turn your device on and connect to the marketplaces, Vendoo will then detect any sales made since the last time you were connected!

  5. Is Sale Detection and Automatic Delist available on the Vendoo mobile app?

    Yes! Wherever you go, Vendoo will detect your sales. However, in order for sale detection to work in the mobile app, your computer must be on and connected to the marketplaces.

  6. How do multi-quantity listings work with Sale Detection and Automatic Delist?

    At this time, Vendoo will detect your multi-quantity sales but Vendoo will not automatically delist the item unless it is your last unit available.

    Once you enter the details of your sale and provide the number of units sold, Vendoo will proceed with the normal mark-as-sold process for multi-quantity items.

    This process will be improved soon. 🚀

  7. What if a sale is canceled?

    If a sale is canceled after Vendoo has detected the item as sold and delisted it:

    The listing will appear in your sales detection dashboard. Instead of entering sales details, you can “clear all detected sales” items from your sales detection dashboard. Then, you will “remove sales details” and relist.

    If you have already entered sales details, you will just handle this like a normal cancellation, by opening the item, selecting “remove sale details,” and relisting it.

  8. Can I exclude marketplaces from sale detection and auto delist?

    Yes, in the Marketplace Connection screen, you can select which marketplaces that you would like Vendoo to detect sales from.

    For example, if you turn on sale detection from Poshmark, Vendoo will automatically detect your Poshmark sales and automatically delist them from other marketplaces.

    You cannot exclude marketplaces or items from only the delist process.

  9. Are sales detected from eBay at the time the item is purchased or at the time it is paid for?

    Vendoo detects an eBay sale when it is officially sold on eBay. This means when eBay has officially changed the status of the item to "sold."

    In some instances, an item status will change to sold on eBay immediately, regardless of if the buyer has paid. In other instances, you might accept an offer but the item will not become "sold" until the buyer has paid.

    This depends on your account settings (immediate payment), the location of the buyer (U.S. only), and recent eBay changes that are slowly rolling out.

    Once eBay changes the item status to "sold," Vendoo will detect the sale.

  10. Can I enable sale detection for multiple accounts on the same marketplace?

    Not yet. For now, Vendoo will detect sales from the marketplace you are currently connected to.

  11. What if there is an issue during the delisting process after sale detection? For example, if I have an active offer on Poshmark and my item cannot be deleted?

    When you look at the sale detection section in the sold tab on the Inventory Screen, you will see a red warning symbol if your item has been detected as sold but is still listed.

    Then, you will delist the items individually as you normally would.

  12. I don’t want Vendoo to detect sales and automatically delist my items. How can I turn it off?

    If you don’t want Vendoo to detect sales and automatically delist your items, you can turn off this feature and mark your items as sold manually.

    You can disable Sale Detection and Auto Delist on the Marketplace Connections screen:

Remember, Sale detection and Automatic Delist is in BETA. Check back for updates soon! 🚀

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