If you sold an item outside of the marketplaces integrated with Vendoo, you can mark your items as sold wherever they sell!

Did you know that you can mark items as sold with Vendoo even if they don’t sell on one of the Vendoo marketplaces?

Here's how:

You can use Vendoo to manage your inventory, track your profit-and-revenue, and get business analytics for items that you sell anywhere.

To mark an item as sold off of a Vendoo platform:

  1. Open the item and click the three dots to the right of the Vendoo Form

2. Click Mark As Sold. Then, you can select where the item sold.

At this time, you can mark items as sold on the Vendoo marketplaces: eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, Grailed, Depop, Kidizen, and Facebook plus ThredUp, Instagram, Curtsy, Amazon, ThredUp, TheRealReal, In Person, WhatNot, and Other! More are coming soon!

3. Don't forget to enter your sale details. Then, your items will delist from other listed platforms, and your sales will be reflected in your business analytics and csv inventory spreadsheet.

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