I cannot list on Mercari

If you cant list on Mercari or you are receiving an error message when trying to list to Mercari, read this article for common solutions.

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Here is the checklist to solve issues when listing on Mercari:

Note: Are you a brand new Poshmark user? Try to list your first item on Mercari directly. Then, try listing from Vendoo.

If you are unable to list on Mercari you may have reached your Mercari listing maximum and you are temporarily blocked from this action. Many marketplaces do this to prevent bots and fraudulent or suspicious activity.

Sometimes, this occurs when a user has listed too many items within a time period, or listed too quickly. Unfortunately, we do not have a magic number or formula to determine why and when this happens.

Based upon our user feedback, this often occurs most often when:

  1. You list a large amount of items at once;

  2. You list items too quickly;

  3. Your listing rate represents a speed or quantity that is not congruent with your normal listing practices; or

  4. Your account is brand new.

How to solve this problem:

Be patient. Try again in a few hours or tomorrow. We know this is frustrating, but there is nothing that you can do until the temporary ban is removed. We also recommend using the listing and delist/relist features strategically in a way that is human like. Do not try to list hundreds of items a day on any platform. Learn more about delisting and relisting here.

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