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Can I use Vendoo from my phone or tablet?
Can I use Vendoo from my phone or tablet?

Learn about Vendoo's compatibility with various devices including computer, Apple iPhone, Android, tablet, and iPad.

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Yes, you can use Vendoo from the computer, phone (Apple or Android) or iPad.

However, please note that the best Vendoo experience is on the computer with the Vendoo Chrome Extension. Download it here.

In fact, you must use the computer to get started, because you cannot import from the mobile app or mobile website.

Here are the features on the Vendoo mobile app:

✅ Creating Drafts

✅ Photo Editing & Background Removal

✅ Listing & Crosslisting

✅ Inventory Management

✅ Custom Labels

✅ Delist/Relist (Individual)

✅ Mark As Sold & Multi-Delist

✅ Accessing Analytics

✅ Customer Service Chat

✅ Help Center

Please note that the following features and marketplaces are not yet available on the Vendoo mobile app: Importing, Bulk Delist/Relist, Sale Detection and Auto Delist, CSV Download, Stale Listing Warning System, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, and Whatnot.

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