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Delist & Relist Troubleshooting
Delist & Relist Troubleshooting

What to do if you receive an error message when using the Delist/Relist feature.

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The Bulk Delist/Relist add-on is a powerful tool for refreshing old listings and achieving fresh daily listings on multiple marketplaces.

This feature delists your item(s) from an existing marketplace(s) and relists the item in just seconds. That is, it entirely deletes your listing and creates a brand-new listing.

This feature is a favorite amongst Vendoo users because it allows sellers to have brand-new daily listings on multiple marketplaces in just a few clicks!

Click here to learn about how to use the delist/relist feature on the desktop version and mobile app!

Delist/Relist Error Messages

Are you experiencing an issue when you use the delist/relist feature? Check out these common issues and resolutions:

  1. The Listing is Not Synced with Vendoo

This is the most common issue that users see when trying to delist and relist with Vendoo.

Why This Happens: This happens when your listing is not synced with Vendoo. Often, this happens when users use “relist” or “renew” features offered on the Marketplace or another automated service or “bot.”

Some of these tools break the sync to Vendoo; meaning, you performed an action that created a new listing, and Vendoo does not have the link to that new listing.

How to Solve It:

  1. Mark your item as “Not Listed” by clicking on the marketplace drop-down, and selecting “Mark As Not Listed”

  2. Then, mark your item as “Listed,” by clicking on the marketplace drop-down and pasting the URL to the listing.

Caution: Avoid performing these actions on the marketplaces themselves or using other extensions or automation tools that cause your listings to have new URLs.

2. The Marketplace Form Is Missing Details

Remember that marketplaces change their listing forms and requirements from time-to-time. When you go to relist your items, they must comply with the current marketplace requirements.

Why This Happens: Vendoo cannot complete the “relist” because your marketplace form is missing required information

How to Solve It: Visit the marketplace form where you can see which missing details are required. Enter that information, and list!

3. The Item Has an Active Offer

Some marketplaces (like Poshmark) do not allow users to delete items that have active offers.

Why This Happens: There is an active offer on the item, and the marketplace itself will not allow the item to be deleted (delisted)

How To Solve It: Generally, if you make a substantial change to the active listing (such as changing the size) the offer will be automatically canceled, and then Vendoo can complete the delist/relist.

4. The Item Was Sold

Some marketplaces do not allow users to delete (delist) items that have been sold.

Remember to mark your item as sold in Vendoo: Learn how here.

5. You Are Not Connected to the Marketplace

You must have an active connection to your marketplaces to use the delist/relist feature.

Learn how to connect your marketplaces in Vendoo here.

6. You Have a Poor Network Connection

Sometimes, slow internet connection can affect your ability to use Vendoo.

Be sure to check your network connection, refresh your page, and try again.

7. An Unknown Issue Occurred

While most issues fit in the above categories, sometimes unknown errors occur. While these are rare, they could be related to a technical issue with either Vendoo, your device, or the marketplace itself.

If you experience an unknown error, try again. If you cannot resolve it, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team for assistance.

Delisting and Relisting is one of our most powerful tools to help you make more sales! Learn more about the bulk delist/relist feature here

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