How do I handle bundles in Vendoo?

If you sold multiple items in a bundle, here is how you can account for it in Vendoo.

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If you sold multiple items in one transaction, there are a couple of different ways to handle it in Vendoo. Based on your preferences, you could:

  1. Treat each item as if it is an individual sale; or

  2. Combine the information into one existing listing.

Method 1: Treat Each Item As If it Is an Individual Sale (recommended)

If you treat each item as an individual sale, you will be able to calculate your profit and revenue on each item, individually. With this method, you will mark each item in the bundle as sold individually, the way you do all of your items!

Note: this method is recommended to ensure accuracy in your CSV spreadsheet and your Vendoo Analytics!

Method 2: Combine the Information Into One Existing Listing

You might also consider just treating the bundle as if they are one item by combining the information into one listing. With this method, you would open any individual listing that sold in your bundle, and enter the sale details for the entire bundle. Be sure to combine your cost of goods (COG) field, too!

This is a quick way to make sure your revenue and profit are accurate, without all the tedious work associated with entry for each individual item.

If you do this, you will want to manually delist the other items from anywhere else they are listed, and perhaps delete them to remove them from your active inventory.

Note: this method will distort some of your analytics (namely your sales volume, and top-selling categories, sub-categories, and brands). However, it is much faster than performing the math required to calculate the bundle sale price of individual items in consideration of discounts.

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