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My poshmark listings are not synced with Vendoo
My poshmark listings are not synced with Vendoo

If you used the Poshmark "Copy" feature or a Poshmark Bot and your listings are not synched with Vendoo, here is how to fix it.

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Important: If you are a Vendoo user, do not ever use the Poshmark “copy” feature; Poshmark creates copies with a new URL that will no longer be synced with Vendoo.

Similarly, do not use any "relisting" features on any bot or automation software; these similarly "break the sync" with Vendoo by creating new URLs. With many Poshmark bots, this is an automatic feature that may be turned on even if you don't know it is.

How to solve this problem:

  1. First, open the item in your Vendoo inventory. Hover over where it says “listed,” and select “Mark As Not Listed.”

2. Then, select “Mark As Listed” and paste the URL into the box to “re-sync” your listing with the correct URL.

You can paste the link to the live listing in the box that pops up:

3. Repeat this step for each affected listing.

If you don’t know which items are not yet synched, visit the import tab. There, each listing that was created new on eBay using the “end and sell similar” feature will be yielded, so that you can see which items are listed on eBay that are not connected to Vendoo:

Learn more about how to mark items as listed here.

Learn more about importing here.

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