Why aren't my sales being detected?

Sale Detection & Automatic Delist Questions and Errors

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Vendoo's Sale Detection & Automatic Delist feature (BETA) is a game-changer! It automatically detects your sales and automatically delists your sold items from other marketplaces to prevent-double selling!

To learn more about how to use this feature and FAQ, click here.

Sale Detection Errors: Why Aren't My Sales Being Detected?

Sale Detection & Auto Delist is in BETA. If you are experiencing any issues with Sale Detection and Auto Delist, here are some considerations:

  1. Do you have the sale detection feature turned on?

    If your sales aren't being detected, it might be because you have not turned it on. You can turn on sale detection on the Marketplace Connections screen.

    πŸ’‘Tip: If you recently updated the Chrome Extension, you might need to turn sale detection back on.

    For the marketplaces where sale detection is available, turn it on by clicking the toggle on this screen.

2. Is your computer turned on, awake, and connected to Vendoo and the marketplaces?

If your sales aren't being detected, it might be because your computer is not on or Vendoo is not connected. In order for Vendoo to scan the marketplaces to detect sales, the following must be true:

  1. Your computer is turned on and awake (not asleep)

  2. Your computer is logged into Vendoo

  3. Vendoo is connected to the marketplaces

  4. Sale detection must be turned on (see above)

Note that Vendoo does not detect sales on the mobile app. While it might appear that sales are being detected on mobile because you can see your recently detected sold items, they are actually detected only from the computer.

3. Did you make a sale on a marketplace that does not yet have sale detection and auto delist?

Sale Detection & Auto Delist is in (BETA). It is currently only available for eBay, Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, and Whatnot. That means that if you turn on sale detection, Vendoo will detect the sales you make on only these marketplaces.

Vendoo does not yet detect sales from other marketplaces. Don't worry, more are coming soon!

In the meantime, if you make sales on other marketplaces, you can mark them as sold on the Vendoo website or mobile app. Learn how here.

4. Did you accept an offer on eBay, but the buyer has not paid?

This one is a bit tricky and confusing, because eBay is currently testing a new feature on some accounts.

Here's what you need to know:

Vendoo detects an eBay sale when it is officially sold on eBay. This means when eBay has officially changed the status of the item to "sold."

In some instances, an item status will change to sold on eBay immediately, regardless of if the buyer has paid. In other instances, you might accept an offer but the item will not become "sold" until the buyer has paid.

This depends on your account settings (immediate payment), the location of the buyer (U.S. only), and recent eBay changes that are slowly rolling out.

Once eBay changes the item status to "sold," Vendoo will detect the sale.

Remember, Sale detection and Automatic Delist is in BETA. Stay tuned for improvements and updates! πŸš€

If your sales are not being detected and none of the above considerations are applicable, please reach out to our customer service team. We appreciate and rely on your feedback to continue to enhance the feature.

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