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How do I use Whatnot with Vendoo?
How do I use Whatnot with Vendoo?

Everything you need to know about Whatnot: Importing, Crosslisting, Sale Detection, and More!

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Vendoo is the first crosslisting software to offer Whatnot integration!

Whether you’re a live seller or prefer traditional “still” marketplace listings, Whatnot is one of the most popular places to sell online. 🔥

Vendoo is fully integrated with Whatnot, which means:

✅ You can import from Whatnot

✅ You can crosslist to Whatnot

✅ Vendoo has sale detection synced with Whatnot

Let’s explore how the integration works:

How do I import from Whatnot?

You can easily import your active listings from Whatnot. Here is how to import your listings with Vendoo’s Bulk Importer:

Step 1: Visit the Import Page

Click on the "Import" Icon. Then, select Whatnot.

Step 2: Sync Whatnot

Select "Get Latest Items" and your active items will begin to appear.

Step 3: Select Items to Import

Select the items which you would like to import, and allow a few moments for Vendoo to import your listings.

How do I crosslist to Whatnot?

With Vendoo, you can crosslist with just a few clicks! See the video above for a demonstration of crosslisting to Whatnot.

Listing to Whatnot is identical to crosslisting to the other Vendoo marketplaces. Learn more here.

How does sale detection work on Whatnot?

Vendoo detects your sales and automatically delists your items from the remaining marketplaces as they sell!

Here is how to use sale detection with Whatnot:

Step 1: Turn on Sale Detection

First, in the Marketplace Connection Screen, toggle “on” sale detection for Whatnot.

Step 2: Wait for Sales!

When you make a sale, you will be notified with the blue notification dot on your sold tab!

That’s it! As you make sales on Whatnot, Vendoo will automatically delist the items from the remaining marketplaces. Note that your computer must be on and connected to Vendoo for sale detection to occur. Learn more about sale detection here.

To learn more about Whatnot, how to get started, and tips and tricks, check out the blog article How Does Whatnot work: A Whatnot App Guide.

Note: Whatnot is in BETA. It is brand new and the team is continuing to develop and improve it. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer success team with any feedback.

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