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How do I handle multi-variation listings in Vendoo?
How do I handle multi-variation listings in Vendoo?

Vendoo offers inventory management for all resellers, including multi-quantity and multi-variation listings.

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Vendoo accommodates multi-quantity listings, but does not yet have full compatibility with multi-variation listings.

Vendoo still does not support multi-variations, but in the meantime, here is a workaround.

Here is how you can use Vendoo with your listings in different variations:

Here are two different ways that I handle multi-variation items in Vendoo.

Method 1 is for items you have only a few different variations of. Method 2 is better when you have many different sizes, types, or colors of your item.

Method 1: Creating Copies

First, is for items of a lesser quantity. With these listings, Erynn suggests using Vendoo's copy feature to create copies of each listing with different variations.

(Note: using the copy feature to create a listing counts toward your listing total).

Basically, this means that you will handle each as a different item:

As you can see, for each color variation, I created a separate Vendoo listing, accounting for the quantity of each.

These are listing separately, which works great because more listings= more exposure.

Upon sale, you will simply mark one of the listings as sold. Here is how to mark multi-quantity listings as sold.

Do you have too many variations to create individual Vendoo listings for each? Check out Method 2:

Method 2: Manual Administration

The second method is for items of greater quantity. With this method, you would not want to create a large number of copies or have a large number of similar listings in your Vendoo inventory.

Instead, you will create one, single listing in Vendoo. Then, you will edit your live listing on the marketplace(s) to provide for the multiple variations you have available.

Thankfully, Vendoo has some tools that will help you to administrate these listings!

This item is multi-quantity (4.5k) and I have it in 12 different variations:

As you can see, I used a custom label to note that it is multi-variation. I also use the notes field in the Vendoo form to itemize my current stock in each variation.

The labels and notes act as tools to remind me to manually adjust my live listings as necessary when one sells.

Upon sale, I note which variation sold in the notes field as well.

Note: Not all marketplaces allow multi-quantity, and some of those that do do not allow for multi-variation. Method 1 is the way to go in most instances for this reason.

To learn more about multi-quantity listings, click here!

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